Better Medicine. Better World.

Founded By Physicians

“How can we evolve medicine in a way that makes it better for all and could even make all of us better?”

As integrative physicians on the front lines of healthcare, we ask ourselves this question every day. We believe that now is the time to evolve our thinking about medicine, health, wellness, and self-care away from the status quo, so we decided to push that evolution forward by creating our own “better” medicine.

It's a way that’s better for everyone – for patients seeking new treatment options for chronic illnesses, for medical and health professionals looking for new and different ways to help, for people, young and old, who just want to feel better and increase their overall health and well-being – and, it’s a direction that’s better for our society and our planet.

Our Mission

Lig & Ceptor produces natural, safe, and effective medicine for all people looking for a better and more proactive way to intervene, prevent, and discover alternative treatments for symptomatic health issues seen in society today.

Medical Advisors & Co-Founders

We're a group of passionate and caring front-line physicians who have been

working to make medicine that's better for all since our paths first crossed decades ago.

Sean Devlin

Learn More About Sean

Sean is a researcher and Integrative Medicine Physician fellowship-trained in Neuromuscular Medicine. He is considered one of the leading Integrative Oncologist in the nation. Over the past 15 years he has pioneered the use of medicinal cannabis to treat a variety of health conditions, has served as an expert witness, and lectured internationally on the topic of medical marijuana. Sean has developed a state of the art Integrative and Functional Medicine practice based on the most up-to-date research that includes a foundational education program that gives access to the latest research and tools needed to make informed decisions. Through his background in Biochemistry and training in both Western and Integrative Medicine he has made it his life’s work to discover safer, more effective treatments for a myriad of acute and chronic conditions. 

Ann Barnet

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Ann is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician who practices both Hospitalist Medicine and outpatient Integrative Medicine. Her integrative practice focuses on balancing the multi-faceted fundamentals of health with a focus on chronic pain management, chronic disease treatment, autoimmune resolution, and oncologic support. Ann expanded her formal training to include Acupuncture and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Additionally, she has great respect for indigenous traditions, having been influenced by indigenous wisdom while studying in Bolivia and serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa. She also provides medical care at numerous festivals and independent events. She is passionate in her pursuit to integrate holistic knowledge with traditional western medicine.

Laning Andrews

Learn More About Laning

Laning has been board certified in Emergency Medicine for over 20 years and has practiced everywhere from inner city to rural environments. He has been medical director for several festivals and events, EMS services, and even a backcountry snowboarding lodge. He developed an interest in plant-based medicine through his working relationship and friendship with the other Lig & Ceptor doctors, Devlin and Barnet. Being on the front lines and witnessing the devastating effects of polypharmacy and opioids on a daily basis has reaffirmed his commitment to and passion for using plant-based alternatives for his patients whenever possible.

After seeing firsthand both the benefits and shortcomings of modern-day pharmacology, we’ve made it our goal to provide safer and more effective alternatives.

Experienced and Always Evolving

Together, we have over 60 years of combined experience practicing Western and Integrative Medicine. We all continue to work on the front lines of medicine – in urban and rural hospitals, clinics and private medical practices – all while exploring better options for our patients.

Modern Science Meets
Traditional Wisdom

All our formulas have a Cannabidiol (CBD) backbone, which enhances the wide-reaching benefits of our other ingredients. By turning on or off certain receptors in the body, we can achieve the desired results for a number of conditions. Over 43% of prescription medications are derived from plants. Mother Nature has been the birthplace of all indigenous healing traditions.

What Does Lig & Ceptor Mean?

If you’ve taken a biochemistry class, you may get that our name is derived from the Ligand/Receptor interaction at the cellular level. It’s essentially the human body’s idea of a “lock and key" mechanism. There are thousands of these complex “lock and key” mechanisms in the body.

The Ligand is an ion or molecule that binds to the Receptor to trigger a specific reaction. This Ligand/Receptor bond causes cell mechanisms to turn on/off and aid in the homeostasis and function of a cell. Since our compounds work at this cellular “lock and key” level, we decided “Lig & Ceptor” was an appropriate name.

We're On A Mission To Better The World

We are committed to donating 2% of all our profits to supporting groups and initiatives that are having the biggest positive impact towards sustainable health for humans and planet earth.