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02 Apr , 2021

Lig and Ceptor has made the switch to eCheck and Cryptocurrency for two simple reasons, to make all of our product available, and to speak our true voice without censorship or restriction.


As thought leaders in the world of nutraceuticals we are not interested in watering down our formulas in order to sell them via credit card. Our formulas set us apart from the rest, they work because of the carefully selected ingredients. Things like Kava, Maeng Da, and Gaba are seen as high risk by credit card processors but thoroughly vetted and deemed safe and effective by our team of physicians. These ingredients can be bought over the counter but are restricted in the online realm. Our formulas are our true voice and in order to speak to that voice we needed to switch it up.


While this change is somewhat inconvenient for our customers, know that you will be getting a product that is unique to the market, well researched, and achieves the desired effect. By doing this we are able to bring you two new products, our Sleep Formula and Anxiety Formula, with new formulas in development for Cancer support, Autoimmune support, Neuro health, and Cardiac health among others. We want to make all of our formulas available without restrictions, so join us in this movement to evolve medicine. 


eCheck and Cryptocurrency payment methods are fully secure.  Cryptocurrency is considered one of the safest ways to pay over the internet.  eChecks are encrypted and entered into a secure ACH online system which removes the risk of spying eyes and predatory fraudsters. 


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