4 Ways to Alleviate Anxiety at Home with Natural Anti-Anxiety Formulas

07 Feb , 2022

Anxiety: it seems like everyone is struggling with it these days. Between the state of the world, the pandemic, and everyday stressors, most people have faced down anxiety at some point or another.

Did you know that there are roughly two types of anxiety? One is a kind of instinctive anxiety that warns us of imminent danger (the fight-or-flight response kind). It’s the kind of anxiety that comes from knowing you have an important meeting tomorrow and you are unprepared, or you need to confront someone and the outcome scares you.

Then, there’s the more radical sort of anxiety that threatens to derail us mentally: the kind that simmers under the surface for no real discernable reason. It’s why a small obstacle can loom large and a minor hiccup can send your mental health into a tailspin.

Hemp capsules and natural anti-anxiety formulas are effective ways to counter some of your anxiety and associated sleep issues. Scientifically-formulated herbal formulas can easily be purchased online.

Here’s what you could do to control the latter kind of anxiety within the confines of your home, thanks to some practical tips and the help of natural anti-anxiety formulas.

1. Schedule Your Tasks 

If you’ve ever tried— “tried” being the keyword—to sleep when you know there’s an insurmountable list of tasks to get done the next day, then you’ve most likely encountered anxiety. Facing a mountain of messy tasks can leave you with a sense of being out of control and is very anxiety-inducing.

It’s a terrible feeling, we know, but you can get a handle on it with a pen and paper or a planner app. Simply designate a timeframe for every task on your to-do list to lessen and ease your stress and anxiety. Make a list, order it by priority and estimate how much time each task will take. The act of organizing and prioritizing will ease your anxiety and make you feel more in control of the situation.

Specially-formulated natural anti-anxiety hemp capsules have also been shown to help alleviate some symptoms of anxiety. Paired with structuring your day, you’ll reduce anxiety in no time!

2. Sleep Like the Occasional Log 

The reason you can’t sleep is that you haven’t been sleeping. Allow us to explain.

Have you, by any chance, been:  

  • Reading or streaming Netflix in bed when you should be sleeping?
  • Tossing, turning, or trying to force sleep?
  • Drinking caffeinated products in the evening?
  • Indulging in liquor before bed?
  • Keeping an erratic sleep schedule? 

If the answer to even one of those questions was in the affirmative, then you’re definitely suffering from a sleep disorder.  Think about how you can replace bad nighttime habits with good ones. Try leaving your bedroom if you can’t sleep and returning when you feel ready to sleep. Try to keep the same healthy bedtime routine at the same time every night.

Tossing and turning while watching the hours tick by will drive anyone into a state of anxiety! While sleep hygiene and healthy habits are the foundation to good sleep, herbal formulas like hemp capsules are a great complement to healthier sleep habits. Natural anti-anxiety formulas can help you drift off more easily when your head hits the pillow and stay asleep longer. A more rested mind is a more resilient mind!

Your New Nightcap: Relieve – Sleep Formula

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3. Take the Anxiety by Surprise 

There’s no use spending all day fretting over all the things causing you anxiety–you won’t get anything done, and you’ll feel exhausted! So what can you do?

We believe it’s safe to assume scheduling time for your anxiety is the thing that helps to break your anxious cycles. Why not schedule a time to think about all the worries plaguing you instead of letting them build up and overwhelm you later? Set aside 30 minutes in your day to comb through your anxious thoughts and handle them as they come up. Think about all that’s been causing you worry and stress. Include issues both great and small.

If you are still battling anxious thoughts outside of your reserved moment, consider using a natural anti-anxiety formula of hemp capsules to help alleviate some of your anxiety symptoms and allow you to more easily keep the worried thoughts within the confines of your scheduled 30-minute worry session.

4. Try Our Natural Anti-Anxiety Formulas 

A natural anti-anxiety formula can be worth its weight in gold. Once you try hemp capsules specially formulated for anxiety by Lig & Ceptor, you’ll never want to go back to your days of tossing and turning in bed. Shop our herbal formulas online today.

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