Lig & Ceptor Non-Profit Support Mission Statement

12 Aug , 2020

Non-Profit Support Mission Statement- We recognize that optimal health arises when a variety of needs are met.  The most fundamental of these include access to clean water, food, shelter, medicine and safe/ supportive communities.  Overarching all of these things, we need to treat each other and our planet with respect and gratitude.  

We are aware that basic needs are not being met for many of our fellow humans that live on this planet. We are dedicated to changing that. With enhanced awareness of the importance of protecting Indigenous wisdom, food bearing land, healing plants and natural medicines as well as supporting the communities that keep these ecosystems in balance.

Non-Profit Support Mission- We are dedicated to supporting and sharing the importance and wisdom of nature’s ability to heal and the need for balance and harmony as we engage with nature.

Across the globe, approximately 844 million people have limited access to safe drinking water or hand washing facilities.  In this time of pandemic, civil unrest and economic stress it is more critical than ever to show our love and support for those who struggle with just the basics…clean water!

Some research has shown that 1/3 of high quality farmland in the world has been lost over the past 40 years. Over 20% of the Amazon rainforest are gone.  The very origins of some of the medicine we use in our formulas are being threatened as you read this.

Over 43% of prescription medications are derived from plants.  Mother nature has been the birthplace of all indigenous healing traditions.

We are committed to donating 2% of all our profits to supporting groups and initiatives that are having the biggest positive impact towards sustainable health for humans and planet earth.  These groups have been vetted for their fiscal transparency and overall integrity. 

We will start by supporting Waterkeeper Alliance, a highly impactful nonprofit that is preserving and protecting water worldwide.

If you know of a reputable nonprofit or group that supports our vision, please share their contact information with us so we can support planetary health on multiple levels.  With passion and resolve we remain fully vested in spaceship Earth

With Peace, Love and Medicine Evolved,


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