Lig & Ceptor Launches Three Novel Plant-Based Capsules to Help Decrease Suffering and Increase Comfort

26 Jan , 2021

Enhanced with cannabidiol, Lig & Ceptor formulas are effective, science-based products for those looking for a better and more proactive way to address symptomatic health issues while donating 2% of profits to Global Giving initiatives.

RENO, Nev. - January 26, 2021 - Lig & Ceptor, a nutraceutical company producing natural, safe, effective alternative medicine for all people, launched three lines of novel plant-based formulas, enhanced with cannabidiol, inspired by healing traditions from around the globe while being firmly rooted in current scientific research designed to relieve, resist and renew. By fusing compassion and conscience with the data, science and knowledge accumulated through years of medical practice — Lig & Ceptor will help decrease suffering and increase peace of mind and comfort for their customers.

For patients seeking new treatment options for chronic illnesses, for medical and health professionals looking for new and different ways to help, for people, young and old, who just want to feel better and increase their overall health and well-being – the three product lines were developed to live better, with more products launching soon.  


  • Relieve: Pain Formula
    • Focuses on several key receptors to aid in a safe and effective means of supporting and recalibrating stimulated pain receptors.
  • Resist: Viral Formula
    • Optimizes the body’s response to invasive organisms by helping to modulate the immune system and inflammatory response.


All of Lig & Ceptor’s formulas have a Cannabidiol (CBD) backbone, which enhances the wide-reaching benefits of other ingredients. By turning on or off certain receptors in the body, desired results can be achieved for a number of conditions. Over 43% of prescription medications are derived from plants. Mother Nature has been the birthplace of all indigenous healing traditions.


“'How can we evolve medicine in a way that makes it better for all and could even make all of us better? As integrative physicians on the front lines of healthcare, we ask ourselves this question every day,” said Sean Devlin, D.O., co-founder at Lig & Ceptor.


“For the past year and a half our team has tirelessly endeavored to review and study the scientific literature from around the world in an effort to address some of the most pressing medical concerns of our time. After seeing firsthand both the benefits and shortcomings of modern-day pharmacology, we’ve made it our goal to provide safer and more effective alternatives.”


The company is mission-based and committed to donating 2% of profits to supporting groups and initiatives that are having the biggest positive impact towards sustainable health for humans and planet earth. Optimal health arises when the most fundamental needs are met including access to clean water, food, shelter, medicine and safe, supportive communities. 


Lig & Ceptor formulations are manufactured in an FDA approved facility and in accordance with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) which validates the identity, strength, quality, and purity for all formulas.


For more details and to purchase visit:


Direct to consumer and wholesale opportunities available at launch.


About Lig & Ceptor

Lig & Ceptor is a physician-founded company that produces natural, safe, and effective medicine for all people looking for a better and more proactive way to intervene, prevent, and discover alternative treatments for symptomatic health issues seen in society today. Through effective, thoroughly researched, science-based products along with their conscientious, compassionate approach to business and health, Lig & Ceptor is evolving the way to think about medicine, health, wellness and self-care.




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